Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Do you need concept package renderings to pitch a big idea or consumer goods packaging for your product that’s ready to go to market? We have the resources, capabilities, and know-how to conceptualize, design, execute and manufacture a variety of unique forms using an array of techniques, materials, and printing effects that will showcase your beloved products in true style. We also develop custom-themed sample kit solutions aimed at your next promotion so that your sales team is armed and ready to wow prospective customers!


Selling the intangible. Polished design concepts for pitching big ideas and presenting the look, feel, and value of your products to prospective stakeholders. Whether it be a new product launch, line extension, or an update to an existing product, we know they need to visualize it to really get it and after all, seeing is believing.


Packaging development for consumer packaged goods. We’ll take you through the process of designing for a retail environment; one of the most competitive environments for any brand to navigate. We’ll create strong executions to promote customer interaction on both rational and emotional levels.


Custom-branded promotional sales kits engineered from a variety of materials and finishes. From paperboard, acrylic, to wood. An invaluable tool that’s perfect for the food and beverage industry allowing you to showcase your latest products and innovations in a thematic and impactful way. Couple it with a custom brochure, insert, or Sales Sheet to tell the story.

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These services above typically include:

  • Multiple Creative Directions
  • Design and Formatting
  • Photography Sourcing
  • Material/Format Exploration
  • Dieline Creation
  • 2D Renderings/Comps
  • UPC & Nutrition Panel
  • Badges, Claims, and Violators
  • Unification of Multiple Variants
  • Production & Fulfillment

Others have requested and we’ve delivered:

  • Multiple Executions & Sizes
  • Copywriting Services
  • Proofreading Services
  • Studio Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Product/Brand Logo Development
  • Foam-Mounted Presentation Boards
  • Thematic Presentation Templates
  • Physical Prototypes
  • Language Translations
  • Neck Hangers
  • Brochures or Sales Sheets
  • Proofreading Services
    …and more