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The Society of Flavor Chemists (SFC) is a not-for-profit organization with the sole purpose of advancing the field of flavor creation and flavor technology and related sciences. Founded in 1954, the Society started as a fellowship of flavor chemists meeting informally at the Chemists Club in New York to share their common passion for flavors. They saw the need for a professional organization that would serve to improve the status of flavor chemists. The first 14 charter members formed the Society and in 1959, it was incorporated to be the not-for-profit organization serving the flavorist community today. The Society provides a forum to foster and encourage the art and science of flavor creation, promote professional discourse, encourage assistance, promote sentiments of friendship and common interests among members with a high standard of professional conduct. To this end, we sponsor and conduct meetings, present educational programs, organize symposia as well as hold social gatherings for networking and promote exchange of personal contacts.  We also offer scholarships to students who engage in further studies relating to flavors.  And available to all, we have a library that collects books and publications on flavors, flavor ingredients and allied subjects to preserve the rich history of the Society of Flavor Chemists and the flavor industry.

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