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Website Disclaimer:

Please note that this website may have been updated by the client since its original launch by Costello Creative Group.

The Who

Comax Flavors is a family-owned, privately-held global flavor company which has been providing flavors to the food and beverage industry for over 40 years. Comax specializes in flavor creation, flavor improvements, proprietary flavor technology and customized solutions to every food and beverage flavor challenge.

The Challenge

Comax commissioned us looking for a rebrand of their visual identity that would best represent their current business and differentiate them from the competition. A significant objective of the rebrand was to expand their target audience and reach more decision-makers. Comax wanted their new identity to feel more modern, friendly, and fresh, conveying a sense of family, with a focus on flavor products rather than chemicals. One important request was to retain their existing dark blue-purple within the new color palette to pay homage back to their older mark. This interesting yet difficult to reproduce hue, internally referred to as ‘Blurple’, was specifically chosen by Catherine Armstrong’s father who founded the company back in 1977.

Comax Flavors office wall
Comax Flavors Digital Asset Management

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