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The Who

Bernafon is a Swiss hearing health company that specializes in developing hearing instruments.   ‘Bern’ belongs to the Danish William Demant Holding Group, which is among the largest hearing instrument manufacturers worldwide. Since 1946, they have been passionate about developing and marketing quality hearing systems that enable people with hearing difficulties to enjoy authentic listening experiences.

The Challenge

Bern and CCG have a relationship that dates years back, and we’ve collaborated on many exciting initiatives. With the recent launch of Bern’s new hearing instrument, ‘Zerena’, they identified a need for new sales collateral, including a polished sales brochure to be showcased at Costco Hearing Aid Centers around the world. Zerena is Bern’s newest premium hearing instrument family that features the outstanding DECS™ technology, a quantum leap in the hearing industry. Dynamic Noise Management™, Dynamic Amplification Control™, and Dynamic Speech Processing™ all operate seamlessly and continuously for high performance in active and fast-changing environments.   So what in the world does that mean? Zerena eliminates fatigue so you no longer have to fight to hear in loud, noisy environments. Two advantages of Zerena over competing products are its app, as well as is its ability to sync via Bluetooth® to a TV adapter and other supported devices. ‘SEAMLESS AND BOUNDLESS HEARING. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE’.   CCG was tasked with creating a compelling sales collateral design that would highlight the product’s features and benefits in a unique way. Considering a target audience, ages 65-75 with hearing loss, the execution needed to be clean, clear, and concise. Based on an existing European campaign, we were tasked with leveraging and infusing existing art, photography, and messaging into this new ‘Americanized’ version, while including culturally appropriate imagery. The European brochure is a 16-page saddle-stitched booklet, so we needed to devise a way to develop sales collateral with a piece sans binding and scale it back to a single folded sheet. The layout for the sales collateral also had to be flexible for multi-language translation in English and Spanish. For Canada, the product name is ‘Capto’ so this would require a third iteration of the piece.

The Solution

It was essential for the sales collateral to capture the essence of how this product makes people feel: accomplished; happy; calm, relaxed – so we selected an image of a couple walking hand in hand with their dog on a lovely Spring day. The product’s slogan required clear placement and rank. We also included a small product shot in the footer for quick recognition. It’s important to note that in a tiered literature rack, the top white band with Bern’s identity are visible to the customer without having to remove the sales collateral from the rack.   One of the ‘hero’ images on the interior needed to communicate one of the largest benefits of the Zerena product, which is the way it handles hearing and ambient sound in a loud environment. To do this, we decided to take more of a graphic approach and created a bar scene that was highly adaptable across all three versions of the brochure as demographics, and cultural diversity was a non-issue. When a custom photoshoot isn’t in the budget, this type of solution is a win for us and the Client as our culturally sensitive society has become one of the largest hurdles for us when sourcing relevant photography that doesn’t look overly ‘stock’. It was also important to capture the product offering in its varying shell and base colors, so the customer had visibility into the vast selection available to them simply from the sales collateral.   A concern that we had during this process was that of the fine print as it related to Apple. As it turns out, Apple is quite strict – rightfully so – of how their products and copy are represented in any third party sales collateral. So we made certain to have a dialogue around this and follow the appropriate Guidelines for Apple trademarks and copyrights to avoid any possible repercussions. We also consulted on the legalities regarding the usage of other brands such as Dolby and Bluetooth. We had noticed that Dolby Audio was not followed by the ® in the supplied copy which is a requirement of any registered trademark. We brought this to Bern’s attention and following our discussion, they opted to change it all together to Dolby® Digital which they agreed was more appropriate for their product.

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