Impact of Graphic Design on Business: Consistent Visual Identity

Impact of Graphic Design on Business
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One impact of graphic design on business is to provide a consistent visual identity. Many companies pay attention when a logo or website is being developed, but don’t have systems in place to ensure a consistent visual identity for future design projects such as trade show booths, advertising, or marketing collateral. When your brands’ visual identity isn’t consistent, it’s not as successful as it could be for your business.

impact of graphic design on business

What is your Company’s Visual Identity?

When most people think of a company’s visual identity, the first thing that comes to mind is the company logo. A logo is one aspect of your company’s visual identity, but it’s not the only one. The visible components of your company’s brand such as color, shape, form, and texture that combine to convey a message to your community, prospective customers, as well as internal and external audiences are what forms your company’s visual identity. This message helps to build awareness, trust, and loyalty in your brand.

Why is Consistency Important in Visual Identity?

Helping companies create a consistent visual identity is a very important impact of graphic design on business. The more consistent your company’s visual identity across all applications, the more successful your brand can be because it resonates more effectively with customers.

Ultimately, the consistency of your visual identity makes your brand easier to remember and recognize which can reduce the amount spent on advertising and marketing.

In some cases even small inconsistencies in visual identity can cause your target market to feel ‘something doesn’t match’ even if they can’t articulate precisely what it is. Consistency in visual identity helps build trust and loyalty in your brand—customers know what to expect and aren’t confused about who you are and what you offer.

In addition, if the external appearance of your visual identity is consistent customers tend to trust that they will get what they expect when they associate with your company internally from customer service interactions to product offerings and more.

How to Ensure Consistency in Visual Identity

There are several ways to ensure consistency in your company’s visual identity.

  1. Create a brand book (AKA style guide or corporate guidelines): While most companies are hyper-aware of visual identity when logos, websites, and business cards are created initially, over time, the details of what is required to be visually consistent on subsequent applications from brochures to billboards can be lost. If you create a brand book that outlines the proper way to implement your consistent visual identity it will help any future employees, partners, or contractors be consistent with your visual identity that will ultimately prevent dilution of your brand. The brand book should include direction for how to properly use fonts (typefaces), illustrations/photos, shapes, graphic elements, proportions, patterns, icons, and colors when visually representing your brand.
  2. Work with the same design partners: When you consistently work with the same design team who was originally responsible for developing your company’s visual identity or have experience working with your visual identity, they can execute future design projects without introducing inconsistencies to your visual identity. These design professionals understand the impact of graphic design on business and can help ensure visual consistency.
  3. Internal customers: Your employees and trusted partners are important to ensuring consistency in branding. In addition to tools that help them ensure consistency such as the brand book, provide instruction through onboarding and training programs and encourage brand loyalty by providing branded items such as shirts, mugs, and more to your internal customers. Employees and trusted partners can also be important brand ambassadors.

While the impact of graphic design on business is multifaceted, ensuring consistency in your company’s visual identity is one of the most important.

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