How to Leverage LinkedIn in Any Role

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This is the beginning of our new quarterly series loosely titled, Tapping our Trusted Partners, where we invite one of our closest experts and fellow entrepreneurs to learn more about their services and how they help businesses like yours thrive. We’ve decided to kick things off with Julbert Abraham, AKA, ‘The LinkedIn Guy’ from AGM. In this blog, he explains How to Leverage LinkedIn, no matter your role. He speaks about personal branding, networking, prospecting, recruiting, and educating both yourself and your target audience.

But before we get to it, a quick shout out and a personal thank you to Julbert for asking me to be his very first interview in his new series entitled, ‘Small Biz Tips with my Connections’. In this excellent podcast, he uncovers valuable insights and tips that will help small business owners grow. Take a listen here.

Without further ado, read more below about How to Leverage LinkedIn in Any Role.

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By: Julbert Abraham from AGM

If you are a small business owner or an executive at a company (e.g. VP, Director, Manager, etc.). You may be wondering what should you be doing with LinkedIn. In this article, we will provide tactical and real-life examples on how you can add LinkedIn to your overall marketing/sales strategy.

Let’s dive right in….

As we know, most people see LinkedIn as a resume placeholder.

‘I am looking for my next job, I need to update my LinkedIn profile’


‘I just got a new role, let me update my LinkedIn profile’

A lot of us don’t realize that LinkedIn can be more than that. So what do I mean?

Well if you’re a small business owner, LinkedIn can be a huge marketing tool to help you get your message in front of the right people and be able to stay top of mind.

For example, we have a client who is in the Professional service industry. She runs her own financial service firm and for the past 12 months, she has been using LinkedIn as a platform to educate her potential clients. She shared tax challenges, how to tips, potential trends. She goes above and beyond helping her audience understand the value of cash-flow for a small business and what they need to do to grow their business.

That said, as a small business owner, you have to think about, what are the most effective ways that you can use LinkedIn for your business?

To help answer that question, here are a few examples:

Personal Branding

You can use LinkedIn to build your personal brand. This will allow you to stay top of mind. One of the best ways to do that is to post value-added content consistently. So you may wonder, what do I mean by that?

Well think about posting the following types of content:

    • Videos
    • Blogs
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • 3rd party articles

These are great to grow your audience, add value, and stay top of mind.

Networking and Prospecting

If you’re a small business owner, you may not have a big team and may wonder, how do I get in front of more people? If networking is one of your largest source of new business, I want you to write down a list of the 10 best contacts that you are looking to network with.

For example, I want to network with digital marketing agency owners who have less than 50 employees. We can potentially be great strategic partners. I want you to think about the same thing, look at some of the people you had some of the most success with when it comes to generating business and go after others who are similar to them, with similar problems, that you can solve.


If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably in the growing phase. You may have created a large, strong pipeline and now you need to bring in the right team, to help you service these clients.

If you don’t want to outsource the staffing work to a recruiting agency, you or your internal team can do some of the initial work; it depends on how many new talents you want to bring on board. So with LinkedIn recruiting, you can advertise the current role, follow up with any match applicants to set up a phone interview and be able to effectively vet these candidates.

Now you may say, this is great advice, however, I am a VP/Director at XYZ company and none of that is part of my job description and you may be wondering how do I use LinkedIn effectively in my current role.

Well, let’s say you are the VP of Marketing/CMO/Marketing director. You can leverage LinkedIn as a way to do the following:

Educate yourself

There are tons of amazing people and amazing content on LinkedIn, you can always learn new skills, either through LinkedIn learning or following some key influencers with great educational content. For me, I am a big fan of ‘Gary Vee’ I love learning from his content.

Maximize Your Organic Reach with the LinkedIn Company Page

How are you using your LinkedIn company page? Are you posting daily? Do you have a growing following? What kind of content are your posting? Is it engaging? Can the sales team or the leadership team reshare with their audience? These are some of the questions, you should be asking yourself when it comes to maximizing the organic reach on your company page.


LinkedIn ads are huge right now. How are you and your team leveraging LinkedIn ads? To create more awareness or enhance your company brand? Did you know that with LinkedIn ads, you can target specific companies by name and have them able to see your ad? For example, if I am doing a Fragrance branding campaign and I want a specific group of companies that my sales team is reaching out to via cold calls or cold emails be able to recognize our brand before the cold call. I can target these companies by name using LinkedIn ads and present our messaging in front of them. Yes, LinkedIn ads can be expensive, however, it’s worthwhile if you are using it effectively and you have a strategy in place.

That said, I hope these tips on how you can use LinkedIn based on your roles is helpful. If you want to learn more about LinkedIn or have any questions, you can reach out to our team, we would be more than happy to help you maximize LinkedIn.


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