Grow your manufacturing organization using these 3 creative marketing strategies

Save the day and position your manufacturing company as the obvious solution to your customer's needs

We know that you want to be the obvious solution to your customer’s needs. In order to do that, you need manufacturing-focused marketing & modern design that drives business growth.

The problem is your neglected creative marketing is a misrepresentation of your state-of-the-art process and technology which makes you feel less confident, discouraged, and frustrated to settle for average while losing opportunities to your competitors.

Average is everywhere in the manufacturing sector and you shouldn’t have to deal with it anymore.

So we want to help.

We spent weeks wrangling together a bunch of powerful insights and baked them into a free actionable guide, ‘Grow Your Manufacturing Organization Using These 3 Creative Marketing Strategies’.

So you can stop leaving money on the table and instead, build the next-level brand experience required to grow your manufacturing business.


Leverage multi-channel marketing to remain in front of your audience.

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Craft an elevated brand experience inspiring confidence in your products.

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Position your brand as the thought leader and go-to expert in your industry.

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Forge lasting bonds with customers making them brand ambassadors.

What's Inside

'People do not buy the best products. They buy the ones they can understand the fastest.'

-Donald Miller

'Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.'

-Jeff Bezos

Topics Covered In the Guide

First impressions matter. When people engage your brand, you have 3 seconds to impress. Manufacturers, like most businesses, can lose customers if their marketing and branding appear ignored and outdated.

'Your brand is a story unfolding
across all customer touch points.'
-Jonah sachs

By clarifying their message and implementing modern marketing strategies, they’re able to elevate their perception in the marketplace to be more reflective of their state-of-the-art process and technologies, which lead to business growth.

A byproduct of a modern brand with clear messaging is increased credibility, a position of thought leadership, and a perception of innovation and future thinking showing prospective customers you’ve got your finger on the pulse.

Leverage the 7-Part Framework

To process all the information around us, we have to burn calories. If we don’t position our products and services in a way that can help people survive or thrive, they tune out. The 7-Part Framework uses ancient storytelling principles to help you clarify your message. Once you learn the framework, you’ll be seen, heard, and understood, both in your company’s internal and external communications.

Turn Your Framework into a Narrative

‘Story’ is one of the critical elements of your brand identity. It conveys your message to your customers in a meaningful and lasting way. People want to do business with a brand they know, like, and trust. In a world where every business is vying for attention, having an authentic story that a customer can feel connected with will help you differentiate yourself from competitors.

Write a Compelling Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is a concise statement you use to explain what you offer clearly. It gives you and your team a simple, repeatable way to talk about what you do in ways about which your customers will care. When you get this right, you’ll achieve optimal organizational alignment.

Adapt Your Framework for Your Homepage

Once you’ve gotten through the process of building your framework, writing your narrative, and extracting an elevator pitch, you’re ready to apply the framework to the homepage of your website. This application is one of the most impactful, and you should see a change in your organization immediately.

Create a Lead Generating PDF

If you want to maintain cash flow and grow your business, you need to maintain a steady stream of quality leads. You’re probably already creating blogs, social posts, and email newsletters, all to drive traffic back to your website where they will (hopefully) stick around for a while and (maybe) convert. But do they? The buying journey has changed. Ergo, your sales strategy must follow suit.

Build an Email Sales Sequence

Sales and marketing automation leverages software solutions to standardize and automate your sales process. You’ll be able to track progress every step of the way and get notified when it’s time for you to step in. The beauty of automation is that you’ll get back most of the time you would typically spend on sales activities— most of which are mundane, repetitive, and have a very low ROI—so you can redirect your focus where it matters

Refresh Your Logo & Tagline

First impressions matter—especially for companies competing in a crowded marketplace for the attention of a target market that is constantly bombarded with messages. The value of graphic design is realized with a great logo. Great logos are immediately recognizable and stand the test of time. As the face of your manufacturing business, your company’s logo needs to stand out. We’ll share nine tips to make your logo successful.

Define Your Brand Standard

Brand or design standards, also known as a style guide, are crucial to any successful marketing strategy. They succinctly illustrate your company’s design standards while including a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure your company delivers a clear message. Whether you’re establishing a new brand or re-branding your company, your brand standards will serve as an invaluable tool to help you communicate consistently with your target audience.

Build a Strong Visual Identity System

Collateral will be the basis for all of your sales and marketing efforts. From your stationery system to your sales and marketing collateral, it’s critical to communicate a clear and consistent message while inviting prospects into your brand’s story. Your brand materials must represent your state-of-the-art processes and technologies, which shows the world you invest in all aspects of your business. Businesses with outdated branding rarely attract prospects concerned about their future.

Why you NEED this guide

It’s not uncommon for manufacturing brands to be perceived as outdated. Because many simply don’t have the time or resources to maintain them. Unfortunately, they’re doing themselves a disservice because the optics of being stuck in the past tends to close the door to new opportunities. To outsiders, this misrepresentation of their business promotes a negative perception and creates hesitation in the customer’s eyes.

'The way a company brands itself is everything — it will ultimately decide whether a business survives.'

-Richard Branson

You see, people can’t help but judge a book by its cover – it’s just the way we’re wired. So they immediately draw conclusions based on the information that’s presented.

So, whether you’re a business owner, CEO, marketer, or head of business development —if prospects and customers are being drawn to your competitors, it’s time to make some moves.

Like the hundreds of manufacturers we’ve helped to achieve their goals, you’ll learn some of the secrets that we implement to help our clients succeed. It’s time to create a next-level brand experience that will lead to new opportunities and the growth of your organization.

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