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We’re a design firm with a diverse offering of creative services. However, we work most often in the areas of advertising, concept work, marketing and sales collateral, direct mail, packaging, presentation design, sales kits, and visual identity systems. Here’s a complete list of our services.

Yes. We have years of experience in managing production services and it’s a significant portion of our business. We believe in providing a quality finished product with no ‘loose ends’. This allows us to closely monitor project results, ensure quality, and confirm that the final product looks exactly as we intended.

All of our design services are completed in our studio. For requests exceeding our core capabilities, we collaborate with trusted partners to provide important ancillary services.


About sixty percent of our clients are in-house marketing teams in the fragrance, flavor, and ingredients sectors. We also collaborate with their suppliers. The remaining forty percent, are marketers and business owners that span diverse industries – from law, hospitality, and cosmetics, to automotive, municipal and real estate.

Although we focus on the flavor, fragrance and ingredient sectors, some of our most successful solutions result from first-time opportunities in new industries. Our fresh eyes, unique perspective, and drive to impress is all we need to produce amazing, portfolio-worthy work.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. So much so, that we have a Client Secure File Share system in place whereby all files are password protected for the recipient’s eyes only. We’ll also be happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements upon request. In addition, we create original solutions for every assignment so your project won’t receive recycled ideas. And the designs we create for you will never be used for another organization. Most importantly, if you commission us to develop a concept(s) for a specific client request, we will ONLY accept the same assignment from a competing organization if all parties are comfortable with it. Otherwise, we honor the first-come, first-served policy.

These companies are short-run print and copy centers that retain young or amateur talent. You don’t need a design degree to label yourself a ‘graphic designer’ at these organizations. Plain an simple, they're printers before they're creative studios.

Yes, and we update it frequently. Visit our Portfolio page and check it out. Note that confidentiality agreements prevent us from showcasing some of our work.

We’re glad that you asked. Visit our Our Firm page to learn more.

If you are considering a crowd-sourced, contest platform, we’re not a good fit. Our best clients are friends and partners with whom we work long and hard to understand their business and customers. It’s these relationships that enable us to deliver relevant, on-brand messaging every time. If you’re looking for a ‘one-and-done’, we’re not your best choice.

We can, but we’re fairly certain our testimonials say it all.

Yes. We have commercial business and personal liability insurance policies.

This is a very important question and one you should consider carefully. We produce the best results for clients that share our values, goals, and vision. If the following statements are true, then we’re peanut butter and jelly...

You’re a great fit for US if you:

  • Have content and clear messaging
  • Have clear expectations that you’re able to articulate
  • Are interested in establishing a long-term partnership
  • Take pride in your brand’s image and how others perceive your organization
  • Understand that high-quality marketing materials are a reflection of the quality of your products and services
  • Understand that good design is a revenue-creating investment, not an expense
  • Seek the strongest, most appropriate solution, not the least expensive
  • Understand that we’re not the lowest cost provider and our minimum engagement for new clients is $2,500
  • Recognize that we must invest in understanding your business in order to deliver the strongest creative solutions
  • Understand that good design services strengthen content to deliver maximum value and impact
  • Are the decision maker, and understand that the decisions we make together won’t be altered by another stakeholder
  • Believe that attention to detail is paramount to project success
  • Appreciate expert advice
  • Recognize that professional creative services free you and your organization to perform work you’re better suited for
  • Insist on trust, mutual respect, and honesty in your business relationships

We're a great fit for YOU if you seek a firm that:

  • Understands your business
  • Has a strong body of work
  • Has a superb reputation
  • Will visually tell your story
  • Will enhance your brand
  • Is responsive and communicative
  • Solves your communication challenges
  • Is honest and transparent
  • Is in business to help your business


Because each assignment is unique, it’s difficult for us to predict the time and resources that will be required without knowing more. In most cases, we can readily accommodate a reasonable deadline. Note that we charge a 50% rush fee if you require delivery in 5 business days or less. This allows us to immediately free up resources and bring in additional staff when necessary. Contact us to discuss your project and our availability.

A ‘round’ is a hard stop after we submit work for your review. We don't nickel-and-dime if your project requires minor edits after 3 rounds, but please don't overuse the privilege.

Typically, we’ll propose two relevant creative directions. However, we can deliver a wider range of outputs for an additional fee.

Email is best because our daily schedules are typically booked well in advance. However you choose to contact us, we’ll respond within 24 hours.

We have never missed a deadline by any fault of our own.

Typically, our work creates intangible results like brand perception, impressions, recognition, and a consistent brand experience. Consequently, it’s important to clearly define qualitative objectives for success at the start of a new engagement.

Terms & Pricing

Whether you receive intellectual property rights depends on the scope of the design services that you purchase.

We require an upfront deposit of 60% so that we may schedule your work into our pipeline. The remaining 40% will be due 15 days after you receive the final deliverables. We can offer custom payment plans to long-term clients. If there’s production involved, we invoice these costs separately upon delivery. For larger multi-phase projects we may require milestone payments.

A deposit demonstrates your commitment to the project and allows us to schedule your work into our busy pipeline. If trust is an issue, see what our clients say or contact us to request references. To this day, we’ve always delivered on our promise.

We use a consistent process to define a work scope, evaluate materials, estimate labor, allocate internal and external resources, and propose a reasonable project budget.

We use fair market pricing based on our years of experience. Our firm is built on quality, partnerships, responsiveness, and personalized service. You won't find these attributes on a crowdsourced platform. We're able to offer large agency execution at lower costs day-to-day because we only partner with experts outside our core competencies as needed.

To fully achieve your goals, we need to invest time and resources into understanding your business, mission, target audience, brand voice, and key messaging. The minimum charge allows us to perform these functions and establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will ensure your project's success.

No one likes surprises. While actual fees can vary up to 15%, our projects don’t normally run over budget when scoped out properly. If there is a risk that we’ll exceed the budget, we’ll let you know beforehand so you can decide how to proceed.

No problem. In fact, our work often leads to valuable discoveries that are worthy of a change in scope. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate and add it to the project budget.

If you cancel an assignment for any reason after signing our agreement, we will retain any payments received prior to notice of cancellation. You will also be responsible for reimbursing us for all expenses and billable time incurred up to the date of cancellation and we will retain ownership of all copyrights and any original artwork.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, company checks, wire, and ACH payments.

We can propose work scopes that will accommodate most reasonable budgets.

Be ready to hire a design firm, know how you will define success, have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, and be able to articulate it. Most of all, be open-minded. Often times clients think they know what they want until we propose a stronger solution. If you don’t have content or don’t know what you want at all, you’re probably not ready for us.

Our service estimates are just that, and occasionally fluctuate by up to 15%. Costs for print production, stock photography, copywriting, taxes, and shipping are never included in our project estimates. When applicable, we’ll itemize these additional costs in our invoices.

Company Info

We’re a team of 4 and growing. Learn more about us here.

We’ve been in business since May of 2012. Each designer has prior creative experience.

We’re located in Central New Jersey, USA. We’re in the heart of Woodbridge, about 1 mile from the Woodbridge Center Mall. Here is how to find us.

Clients have accused us of being SERIOUSLY FUN, and we’re guilty on both counts. We’re serious about delivering gourmet work, and serious about having fun doing it. Try working with us… it’s contagious!

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