Email Marketing: Which Platform is Right For Me?

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If you’re not using email marketing to help grow your business, you should be. Email marketing is an immensely powerful tool which delivers one of the highest ROI’s available. Not integrating it into your strategies is a bit like building a house without a power saw, fixing a car without a socket set, or making scrambled eggs without a heat source. You could do it, but it will take so much longer than it needs to.
We’re not entirely sure you can make cold scrambled eggs, but when you figure it out, patent the process immediately.

Thankfully there are several excellent email marketing platforms available today that allow even novices to create compelling email campaigns.
Some platforms focus on specific industries, tailoring their features to those niche markets to dominate the space and create a potent, yet specific tool. Others are generalists, opting to focus on the mass market, in hopes that either their features, integrations or pricing are enough to woo customers to their platform. As a result, there’s an email marketing platform for everyone. Here are a few of the most popular, paired with their ideal marketer

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the oldest services on this list, and its staying power is due primarily to its robust, continually expanding feature set and its ease of use. It’s one of the best choices for small businesses new to email marketing because of its large selection of customizable templates and its bevy of integrations.
It lets users track email metrics, create coupons, A/B test email headlines, and offers a host of other features that makes Constant Contact a leader in the field.
One notable feature that’s lacking with this platform is automation. Most other email marketing platforms allow you to create automated workflows that trigger specific emails given certain inputs or triggering states. This isn’t something Constant Contact has chosen to focus on, but for small businesses new to email marketing, that extra layer of complexity may not be missed.
The ideal user: Small businesses that want a painless yet powerful introduction to email marketing.


Drip is a fairly new entrant into the email marketing space, but it has proven itself to be a powerful tool in a short period.
Drip is useful for marketers in general but is explicitly designed for those in eCommerce, so customers in that industry will be able to take advantage of more of the available features and get the most productive experience from using the software.
eCommerce store owners will be able to segment their customers and learn a great deal about their intent and purchasing behaviors. Drip’s automation features are robust and can deliver targeted emails based on things like abandoned carts, returning website visitors, and more. And their visual workflow builder makes it relatively simple to design powerful automation that can do a lot of the heavy lifting of tracking and responding to user actions.
The ideal user: eCommerce store owners and related businesses.


ConvertKit is another offering targeting niche users. This time the focus is on bloggers, authors, and other content-related businesses. The platform includes several features that content creators will find extremely useful. It’s landing page, and pop-up forms creation tool makes it simple to offer your audience value in exchange for their email subscription.
The platform also includes an impressive visual interface for creating automated email workflows that exploit many of the actions users might take while perusing a blog or watching content on a YouTube channel.
ConvertKit integrates with most of the tools, like WordPress, Shopify, and OptinMonster that creators use to generate leads and market their services. If we had to name one missing feature, it would be rich text emails. ConvertKit sends plain text emails only.
The ideal user: Professional bloggers and other content creators.


SendinBlue distinguishes itself by offering not only email marketing but SMS marketing services as well. And for users on a budget, SendinBlue can be a good choice. 
This is because not only do they offer a free (though limited) service, they also bill, not on the size of your subscriber list as most other services do, but instead on the volume of email you send. This makes SendinBlue a good introductory email marketing service for businesses looking to get their feet wet without spending a lot.
Because of its SMS integration, SendinBlue allows users a multi-channel marketing approach. You can target people on your list with emails, both automated and user-generated, customizable email newsletters, coupons, and mobile text messages. This can be quite a boon to companies trying to meet their customers where they are and convert a higher percentage of prospects and web traffic.
The ideal user: Businesses with long email lists or those with slim budgets. Also any business interested in multi-channel marketing opportunities.


MailChimp is another affordable solution for businesses beginning to explore what email marketing can offer them. MailChimp’s free option is relatively potent, allowing up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 sent emails a month. And scaling the service up from there won’t strain your budget.
MailChimp is full-featured, offering conversion tools, a social media integration, customizable email templates, app and tool integrations, time-zone based email release scheduling, segmenting tools, A/B testing, and a range of useful analytics.
Like Constant Contact, where MailChimp falls short is in its automation capabilities. It does allow limited automation, but nothing on the scale offered by Drip or ConvertKit. But, given the low cost of MailChimp and the otherwise rich feature set, this shouldn’t dissuade potential users.
The ideal user: Marketers and businesses looking for a full-featured email marketing platform that grows affordably as your needs expand.


This last entry has the slimmest feature set of all the tools mentioned. There’s plenty it won’t do. But what it does do, it does exceptionally well. This can be an excellent tool for small businesses, freelancers, and other smaller operations that don’t need a lot of the extended features other packages offer. If you’re only interested in being able to send attractive, targeted email campaigns, and integrate with the most common apps people use, MailerLite may be all you need.
You won’t find analytics or powerful workflow automation, but there is some automation included, and you can use the tool to create useful landing pages and pop-ups. MailerLite offers just what you need and nothing more.
The ideal user: Smaller operations that don’t need the extended features sets found in other packages, and don’t want to pay for them.

The Winner Is…

Ok, so which platform do we subscribe to here CCG you ask? They all have their benefits but personally, we’re raving fans of MailChimp and have been using it for nearly seven years. We’ve also successfully migrated many of our Clients over to the platform as they understood the features, benefits, design capabilities, and value of doing so. 

This is Just the Beginning

We’ve listed some of the most popular and useful email marketing platforms here, but there are many more. If you’re interested in learning more about what email marketing can do for you, please give us a call. We can share with you what we know about all the services available and discuss how we can run your campaigns for you. 
We’re experts in the email marketing field and can create compelling campaigns and potent workflows that will help keep you in front of your audience and convert. Contact us today to discuss our email marketing needs. 



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