CCG 9 year anniversary

We’re on Cloud Nine (Years!)

Today marks the day our creative marketing and design studio turns 9, and ‘pop‘ – that’s the sound of a fine bottle of wine! It’s the number of love, eternity, karma,

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COVID Heroes

Hey, we made a donation!

As we enter the month of giving thanks, what best than for us to send a huge THANK YOU out to all of the incredible clients that maintained their marketing

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Eight Is Great!

Today our creative studio turns eight, and we think that’s great! It’s a number that, while taking a ‘nap,’ represents the infinity symbol. A favorable number associated with prosperity, eight,

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Meet The Crew

Places People! Places Please! Your brand is kind of a celebrity and it’s our job to make it shine, so roll out that red carpet and let’s see it smile

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CCG Awards: 2019

Time is absolutely flying! 2020 is almost here, and we’ve been so consumed partnering with such trailblazing marketers and business development folks that we haven’t had a second to share

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Lucky Number 7

We all have a soft spot for Number 7 because it plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Society, culture, religion, and psychology wouldn’t be the same without it.

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flavor and fragrance trends

2018 Trend Excursion

Photo credits: Dan D’Errrico Photography On June 12, 2018, the WFFC gathered for the 11th Annual Fragrance and Flavor Sensory Trend Excursion in New York City organized by Amy Marks-McGee

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