Where Should You Advertise Your Business and How?

advertise your busines
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As we come to understand how beneficial advertising is for your business, the question lies on exactly where to advertise your business and how.

In order to optimize your return on investment (ROI), you must implement the correct strategic decisions depending on your industry and company goals. By planning ahead, you prevent yourself from advertising in the wrong places, limiting waste of resources and money.

advertise your business

Do Your Research

Once you have decided on a target market, find out what other companies in your industry are doing. This is important when selecting the correct placement for your advertisement. If others in your industry tend to use the same or similar placements for their advertisements, it would be beneficial for you to use what has been proven to work. Once you’ve selected the correct placement of where to advertise your business, you must present then your brand in a way that would not only entice your target audience but differentiate your business from the competition. According to a study done by the Association for Consumer Research, subjects had a greater preference for a product after receiving three ad exposures compared to those who received “either one or five” 1.

CCG Pro Tip: Ensure that where you choose to advertise your business is a popular location that your target market visits, either digitally or physically.


While the content of your ad greatly matters, it won’t be effective if its placement is not relevant to your ideal client or customer. The location of your ad, including the medium by which it’s being communicated, is the greatest factor of performance. Don’t only focus on the content of your ad, as these initial elements tend to be often overlooked. Today’s advertisements can be broken down into four major categories: TV, Radio, Print, and Digital.


Television commercials are a great way for you to quickly gain exposure and advertise your business. According to a study done by Ball State University, despite the Internet’s rise in popularity, TV remains the dominant medium in most households in the United States. The study states that on average, an individual spends over four and a half hours a day watching television, making it one of the most common modern leisure activities2. TV commercials will expose you to a large number of viewers who can be easily segmented towards your target market based on the channel(s) you advertise on. Television is also the most powerful medium to reach your target audience in the United States, as it reaches over 75 percent of the population daily3. Commercials also allow you to visually demonstrate how your product or service works in a short period of time, with minimal work required from the viewer.

advertise your business


Similar to television ads, radio commercials will also lead to quick exposure and are less cost prohibitive. Select the radio station for your advertisement based on what your target market listens to. Radio is the third most powerful medium in the United States as it reaches 54 percent of the country’s population every day3. Radio sponsorships are also a great way for you to expose your brand more organically to prospects as they listen to their favorite radio station. Make sure your timing is right, as seasons may affect how you want to advertise your business.

CCG Pro Tip: Ad rates are generally less expensive in the first and third quarters. During these times, ads are easier to negotiate due to lower volumes.


Print advertising can be a way to target your customers more precisely. Print gives you more precision with strategic ad placement using tactics such as direct mailings, magazine and newspaper ads, catalogs, trade publications, as well as billboards, and outdoor advertisements. These can also be more personable to the audience. Since this is a tangible medium, consumers tend to trust printed ads more than digital. It is also important to remember that any individual without internet, will be missing your digital advertising

CCG Pro Tip: Direct mail has the highest rate of success in new customer acquisition at 34% compared with other marketing channels4.


It’s no news that digital marketing has turned into a new norm for a way to advertise your business. With a large majority of the United States and the world using social media and the Internet, it is only common sense to target customers based on their online activity. A huge pro to digital advertising is that its performance can be easily and automatically tracked through online tools. These platforms allow you to better understand exactly who is clicking through your ads, from what platform, and if they’re converting.

Digital advertising is also less expensive than print and is delivered immediately as opposed to lead time it takes for a printed piece to be manufactured and fulfilled. Try to advertise your business on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube, if it seems fit. Similar to TV commercials, Youtube video ads will yield a large audience as almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day, with 30 million daily visitors on the site5.

advertise your business

Keep in mind that ads will be displayed differently on a desktop versus mobile. Use pixel integration and retargeting ads to funnel users to your website. Pixel integration puts a pixel code on a specific page of your choosing and tracks conversion. You may also want to buy digital banner ads, or perhaps online magazines and newspapers may be an ideal place for your advertisement. Sponsoring online podcasts is also another way for you reach a specifically targeted audience quickly.

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advertise your business

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