we partner with marketers in the flavor & fragrance industry to develop innovative communications that convert prospects into paying customers

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We’re a design-centric, boutique graphic design firm based out of Woodbridge, NJ. We work cross-industry, with a focus on the flavor, fragrance, and ingredients sectors. We collaborate with Marketers to execute on their strategies to build compelling, high-level, visual communications with an objective of creating awareness, increasing market share, and elevating their brands. What separates us from other firms is our deep industry understanding, responsiveness, and dedication to delivering exceptional results that resonate. Our commitment to a team-driven approach has led us to where we are today among a group of mission-driven, high-caliber individuals that solve business communication challenges.


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Creative Services

At Costello Creative Group, ‘we just get it’! Our creativity, know-how, and high-level executions produce outstanding results for all clients no matter their industry. We believe in a comprehensive service experience whereby our team seamlessly handles project management, concepting, design execution, and production. Each engagement includes an initial consultation following our proven Creative Process with access to tools for simple, secure collaboration. Below you will find a list of our most common creative services which may be customized depending on your timing, needs, vision, and budget. Learn more by visiting Our Firm.


& Marketing

Do you need to advertise or market your product, service or special event? Our creatives will work with you to develop cohesive print and digital campaigns that not only resonate with your target audience, but highlight the unique features, benefits, and values of your brand. Let’s partner and convert your prospects into paying customers!

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Branding &
Visual Identity

Do you need a strong identity that signifies your customer’s experience and the essence of your brand? Whether it represents a product, service, or a special event, we follow a proven process of success to develop symbols, monograms, emblems, and icons that our clients adopt for clear identification and differentiation within the marketplace. We follow that up with a cohesive ensemble of branded materials that tie it all together!

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& Spatial

Do you need interior solutions that set the tone, create perceptions, and generate emotional connections between your brand and customers? Whether it be a client, leadership visit, trade show event, or conference, we’ll consult with you, source, and develop the most appropriate materials to outfit your space, story tell, and highlight your innovations. We offer temporary, permanent, portable, and fixed solutions for any situation!

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Do you need concept packaging renderings to pitch a big idea or consumer goods packaging for your product that’s ready to go to market? We have the resources, capabilities, and know-how to conceptualize, design, execute, and manufacture a variety of unique forms using an array of techniques, materials, and printing effects that will showcase your beloved products in true style!

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With awards from the following organizations:


‘CCG helped me create a wide array of beautiful materials for a quick-turnaround event. They were amazingly creative under pressure, super responsive, fun to work with, and ensured that every detail was covered. We received great feedback on the impact of their work in creating a memorable experience. I wouldn't hesitate to engage them again for any important work where I need to present an exciting, professional image!’

Lucinda SalinasDirector Category Marketing at International Flavors & Fragrances(Collaborating Since 2014)

‘I was delighted to find CCG’s website as I had been searching for the right creative partner for some time. From the first time we spoke about the scope of my project, I knew that they 'got it'. Overall working with them was an excellent experience and I will definitely be briefing them again soon!’

Jennifer PowderlyVP of Marketing at Robertet(Collaborating Since 2015)

‘It is an absolute pleasure working with George and his team. Their creativity abounds and their attention to detail and customer service is amazing. I am looking forward to working with CCG on many more projects and building a solid partnership!’

Catherine M. ArmstrongVP of Corporate Communications at Comax Flavors(Collaborating Since 2017)

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Our Recent Projects

Our Process

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We Connect

1.We Connect

We schedule an input meeting to gain a thorough understanding of your business challenges and objectives as well as to discern the complete scope of your project. Our aim is to develop a clear understanding of your communication goals so that we may determine how to best achieve them within your time frame and budget constraints.


We Listen

2.We Listen

We ask general as well as project-specific questions related to your business. We respond with suggestions and gather as much data as possible that will ultimately lead to the generation of a comprehensive project brief. This brief will function as a road map throughout your project’s development.


We Explore

3.We Explore

We set out on a journey to explore your industry, determine trends, research the competitive landscape, and look for ways to differentiate your business. Based on this intel and your target audience, we’ll identify a central theme, organize key messaging, select a call to action, and offer formatting options, as well as define any additional areas of opportunity.


We Plan

4.We Plan

We furnish a production schedule based on your deadline to ensure that all parties on both our team and yours are fully aware of their responsibilities with regard to key milestones and various phases of the project. We ensure the smoothest workflow possible throughout the project’s life cycle, and our experience suggests having everyone on the same page eliminates uncertainty.


We Design

5.We Design

Now that we have all of the ingredients necessary to create, we gather our team to brainstorm, sketch, conceptualize, and execute, pulling all of the pieces together with a goal of developing the strongest tailored visual communications possible. We ensure that not only is what you receive professionally executed, but that your final output has solved the creative challenge and exceeded your business goals and objectives.


We Present

6.We Present

After our team has developed the strongest solution possible using our web-based proofing software, we’ll submit it to the primary stakeholder for review. We’ll explain our design decisions and how we believe those decisions have achieved the key objectives of your project. Depending on the type of project, we may offer multiple solutions if we feel there is more than one way to reach those goals.


We Revise

7.We Revise

Following your review, we have a discussion and make any necessary revisions needed to maintain the project’s strong trajectory. If our teams are on the same page, there should be limited back-and-forth. In the event things evolve during the course of a project, this is the optimal time to make revisions, as we include three rounds in most of our project estimates.


We Deliver

8.We Deliver

Once we receive final approval, we’ll submit the final deliverable(s) as captured in the initial project brief. We find that initial requests tend to scale throughout a project’s lifecycle as new ideas emerge and more ways to leverage our work develop. Whether those be additional formats, new iterations, or a production arm, we encourage this thinking, and we are always happy to add new elements that will increase impact.


We Track

9.We Track

We guarantee you’ll be happy with our final output, and we’re certain it will be well-received both internally and externally. We’ll follow up to discuss any feedback and to take the pulse of how your project performed. We’ll also ask that you send us a short testimonial of your experience with us so that we may showcase it on our website and our blog. Our happy clients are our cheerleaders!